Best Socks For Work Boots 2017: Buyer’s Guide

Best Socks For Work Boots

Best socks for work boots are specifically structured to be worn with work boots and are meant help in the absorption of sweat and moisture. To obtain this benefit you’ll need the best work socks for sweaty feet. They also offer comfort and warmth where they are required. Work boot socks are crafted from manufactured from quality and unique materials meant to keep your feet dry and free from smell. They withstand many hours of tough and exhausting work.

Benefits of Socks for Work Boots

Work socks are very useful to workers both men and women. A few benefits you’d gain from purchasing a work boot sock include the following:

Absorption of moisture

  • Stress and strain reduction
  • They provide the feet with cushion and support
  • Offer warmth and relieves pain on your injured feet
  • It is not slippery within the boots
  • It minimizes odor
  • It resist temperature
  • Work boots socks keep your feet cool in when the weather is warm.
  • They are easily available, inexpensive, sturdy and have lifelong existence
  • There are different types of work boots socks that come with excellent qualities
  • They cushion the leg against the rough or hard shoe
  • They minimize skidding.

How to buy the Best Work Socks: Factors To Consider

Purchasing work socks is not as simple as it seems. There are a few important things to consider when you want to purchase work socks. Things you need to consider include the types of socks and the fabrics used, the quality of the fabric, how absorbent the socks are, and their capability to reduce odor. Due to the fact that work socks are mainly worn together with a work boot, they ought to be very comfortable and should be able to resist water and offer you some kind of insulation from weather elements.

Again, work socks come in various sizes and lengths and each pair carryout different functions and comes with different features that you can choose from depending on what your unique personal preferences and needs are.

Type of Sock to Choose

There are different types of work boot socks to choose from. These include things like the crew style or knee-high style.

The suitable socks for warm conditions have to be suitable enough to cover your legs and at the same time, it must have sufficient ventilation to release heat while you carry out your work.  Also remember to choose a suitable socks length to ensure your leg is adequately protected.

Materials Used in Socks

There a lot of materials or fabrics that is used in the production of socks. These include materials like merino wool, acrylic, cotton, nylon, elastane, spandex, or lycra. Before choosing the best socks for your work boot you need to consider these factors as well. You also need to find out the type of socks that’ll provide suitable ventilation and dryness to the feet.

Socks that are made up of large quantity of cotton have the capacity to dry out moisture from your feet. This help to keep your feet dry and make it more comfortable. Nevertheless, when it is wet it can trap in moisture, which may boost bad bacteria growth and result to mold.

Woolly socks provide natural warmth to the feet while socks that are made with nylon and elastic materials are a good match to the foot and calf. They provide the greatest amount of support for the lower leg and ankle area.

Sock Height

Another thing you need to consider is sock height. The ankle socks are the shortest and quarter socks are a bit taller. These type of socks the best choice for running and biking. They work together with low-top shoes. Crew socks are the best type of sock for hiking and backpacking. They are great particularly when you have to wear taller boots. Over-the-calf socks are best for skiing.

Sock Weight/Thickness

Ticker socks provide more cushioning particularly when the socks are made of wool material. Ticker socks as well provide better greater warmth. The proper selection tips are thus, choose mid-weight or heavy weight socks during winter while in the summer you’ll require lighter socks but ensure you are covered enough to prevent blisters.

Sock Fit

Your work socks ought to fit comfortably without constrict your toes or leaving extra loose material to fold, crease, and resulting to friction. Your sock’s heel ought to fit comfortably around your heel. The arch area of the socks ought to feel comfy around your arch. Seams ought to be flat particularly on the toes and must not rub or squeeze any part of your foot.

Interior Sock Construction

If you turn your socks inside, look for cushioning loops, if it has one, it is providing enough cushion but if it doesn’t have it is it has less ability to cushion the feet. Thus, they may not be able to soak up moisture and protect your feet from foot wear materials. You need to as well examine the toe seams; they need to be flat, otherwise, they can result to exasperation and friction which would result to blisters.

Compression Capabilities

The compression socks are great option for individuals who suffer from issues of circulation on their legs as a result of stress from either excessive standing or excessive sitting. By making use of a pair of these compression socks, you may be able to lessen these types of issues with circulation and improve the health of your leg.

Best socks for work boots

There are work boot socks for men and work boot socks meant for women. We have provided below a few top picks of work boot socks both for men and women to help you make the best decision. A good pair of work socks can offer you with the required comfort, support, warmth, and be able to provide the feet with adequate protection.

The best work socks will keep working women with the support and cushion they require to be comfortable all through the day.

With myriads of socks for work boots available in the market, it can be very difficult to select the best work boot socks that’ll will serve your needs and at the same time durable enough.

We have, therefore, made search and gathered a few top work boot socks both for men and women to make it easy for you when you need to purchase one for yourself.


Best men’s socks for work boots

  1. Gold Toe Men’s Cotton Crew Sock

These men’s gold toe cotton crew socks are great choice for men who are out and about and needs a little bit of support for the ankle. These socks are made from high quality materials and are available in a range of colors and sizes. The can easily be washed. They come with well blended gold fabrics and provide your feet with high level of comfort.  You have choices of choosing from different types of colors in like white, black, olive green, blue, and grey and can stylishly suite any choice of clothing. They are manufactured with a combination of cotton, nylon, and polyester material and features flattened toe seam to provide comfort and can serve as the best socks to wear with steel toed boots

  1. Best Merino Mens Wool Socks

These are especially warm wool socks that are great for work men who want a combination of comfort and warmth. These work socks feel very comfortable and are not itchy or result to sweaty feet. Thus, they can serve as the best work socks for hot weather.These best socks for work boots are made up of a combination of Merino wool, Spandex, Poly, and Nylon materials. They are great fit for men with shoe sizes 9 to12. They are machine washable in cold water. The come with structures that provide strength to the heel and offer comfort to the toe. They are sold in packs of four pairs. This socks cones in diversities of colors including green heather, charcoal black, heather charcoal black, heather brown and heather navy blue. The socks come with anti-odor and anti-itch functionalities.

  1. Carhartt Mens Heavy Duty Crew Work Boot Socks

This is a heavy duty socks for work boots. It is very comfortable and long lasting. It can be used at any season of the year and make the feet of the busiest worker dry and comfortable.


The socks are accessible in a lot of different types of colors including black, white and grey colors. They come with a lot of excellent features that make very suitable and one of the best socks for work boots out there. They are produced in the US and help to eliminate odor and prevent the growth of bacteria that usually results under moist environment. They are machine washable and are made from a mixture of materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex blend.

3 Best Work Socks For Women

  1. Sakkas Ladies Knee High Socks

Sakkas Ladies knee high socks provides the exact solution you need to keep your feet warm and in style with a selection of different colors ranging from medium grey heather, oatmeal, brown, navy, black, plum sew, chili pepper to bright rose color. This is a great ladies work socks that’ll cover your leg under your knee. They are machine washable and this allows easy cleaning.

They are made from a mixture of elastic, wool and nylon design. They fit women of shoes sizes starting from 6 to 10. They are made in the United States and provide users with sufficient warmth and comfort and they do not cause any itching.

  1. Sockwell Womens Chevron Compression Socks

These sockwell compression socks are stylishly made and are great for your legs and height. The refined chevron pattern is exhibited in a two tone pattern and in a large selection of colors. The Spandex construction of these socks offers the wearer the whole day support and comfort. For women who use up a lot of time standing or sitting, these women sock bests socks for work boots are ultimate. These provide users with choice of thirteen different colors. They are made from a combination of different materials including merino wool, stretch nylon, bamboo rayon, and spandex provides your feet with a warm and comfortable fit. It comes with cushioned foot pads to provide extra comfort, moderate compression to help in the management of your leg ailments and provide users with supplementary arch support.


  1. Carhartt Women’s Extremes Boot Socks


It is produced in the US with quality materials and provides users with super comfort from the totally supported and padded foot area of these socks.

It comes with a fast dry technology that dries dampness away from the feet all day.

It comes with network vents and assists in the circulation of air around the feet for comfort and control of moisture. They are odor repellent and prevent the growth from the use of fast wicking fabrics. It comes with a thick padding that is perfect for the individual who do work that makes them to be on their feet a lot of time during the day. The extra padding makes it suitable as women hiking socks. It is made from a combination of acrylic, wool, nylon, and spandex.


Best work socks reviews for Work Boots

When searching for best socks for work boots, you need to choose a pair of socks that has antimicrobial properties and which can wick moisture away. It must also be breathable enough to provide you with adequate ventilation. They should as well be odor repellent so as to enable you wear them comfortably and conveniently throughout your work hours. Another factor you need to consider is the durability and the quality of material. We have provided a quick review of the best socks for work boots brands available out there in the market come up with these top lists below:

  1. Fox River Men’s Two PairSteel Toe Midcalf Work Boot Socks

These work boot socks have been used by a number of professionals in the USA for several years. They come with surprisingly high-quality materials and remarkable features. These Fox River Mens work boot socks are excellent summer work socks for men. They are suitable for all forms of footwear including work boots and are structured from a combination of nylon, acrylic, and soft wool materials. They are machine washable but do not support t bleaching and tumble drying. They are heavy weight working socks made in the US. They have a snug fit on the feet. The toe and heel section of the sock is strengthened and structured in a darker color. It is a mid-calf sock that keeps your feet, ankles and legs warm and comfortable. They are great for heavy duty works like construction, concrete fixing, and other outdoor jobs.

  1. Carhartt Men’s Western BootOver the Calf Lightweight Work Socks

These are fashionable and magnificently knitted and woven socks that as well come with astonishing and remarkable benefits. They are trendy over the calf work socks produced for work boots in industries like paving and civil engineering professions. This thick socks for work boots are known all over the world for their incredible compression quality, odor repellent abilities and ease of maintenance.  It is a lightweight shielding sock that goes up your leg to the mid-calf to offer your leg with adequate protection. They are produced from a combination of a lot of entwined fibers with enduring steadiness, comfort, and remarkable quality. They absorb moisture and keep your feet dry and slip resistant. They also provide you with a comfortable and soft fit in addition to odor repellent ability.



You would have observed through these best socks for work boots review that the best work socks depend on the need of each individual and the feet issue the individual is having. It also boils down to the one that provides you with maximum comfort and the one that keeps your feet warm, dry and odor free. It must also be anti microbial and odor free. If you spend too much time working outdoors in cold or cooler weather, you’ll require socks that would keep your feet warm. On the other hand, if you work in a warmer climate, you need to purchase shorter and cooler socks. Your work boots socks must be such that you can conveniently wear it for a long day’s work comfortably and conveniently.